The studio was built early on in the 20th Century and was originally built by The Pacific Electric Company - it is considered to be one of the oldest sound studios in existence for film in the world. A few decades later it became Spectra-Sound Inc. &  then sometime in the 1970's the great Bruce Scott (co creator of time code) took over and it became Scott Sound (a Film & Television production center). When Bruce moved on in the early 1980's it changed over to an anonymous individual and then finally made it's way in to the hands of it's current owner.



I mainly use a combination of 3 different rooms to record in depending on the project. Each room sonically is VERY different from one another.


20' L X 13 1/2' W with an angled ceiling that grades from 13' to 16'

there are 5 different sections to the floor to combat vibration transfer as well as six built in 5' wide floor to ceiling round surfaced pillar like diffusers. These are a HUGE part of the room's overall sonics. They make it easy for an electric live band to track with an amazing degree of separation all while being right up close to each other.

( that means if someone makes a mistake, it typically sonically doesn't blow it for everyone else )



16' W x 12' L with 9' ceiling 

several years back when I was changing out the carpet I came across the old original tile underneath the padding. It took about 2 seconds to realize what I had. Keep in mind that the room wasn't constructed to be a lounge, I just use it for that. The ceiling is all OG acoustical dotted hole material that you see in all the old time studios. The space also has some cool features, such as it drifts into the area where the stairs lead up to the raised control room and then on up to the second floor. That corridor has a ceiling height of 16' as well which provides for some cool opportunities for adventurers.

When tracking LIVE I primarily use this room for anything that requires separation from the drums. Such as uprights, strings, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, vocals etc... 

3. THE HALL ( yes the hall )

10' L  X 3 1/2' W with 9' ceiling

this hall also has the same OG acoustical dotted hole ceiling tile as well as some additional acoustical treatments.

In my quest to find a way to be able to track live vocals with the band while maintaining sonic separation as well as visual contact my journey led to this. I looked in to getting a vocal booth but an obstacle like that would throw off the acoustic precision in the tracking room. So, lucky me when a glass company moved in on the block. They came in, took out my hall door, cut out a nice big center piece, added some heavy grade glass / air trap / more glass / air trap / even more glass / & now magically I have a vocal booth or another space for additional separation.


11' L X 10 1/2' W with 7' ceiling

It is the original control room with 4 1/2' X 3' ( viewable - it's actually bigger ) window looking out to the tracking room. The floor is carpet and the walls and ceiling are an acoustic fiber material treatment of great mystery. 



 Keep it simple for sonic quality and precision.

1. Front End ( 16 - pre amps - 4 completely different flavors )

2 Universal Audio LA610's
2 Brent Averill 1073's ( early ones )
11 Brent Averill 312A's ( first series )
1 Avalon 737 sp

Mogami gold sputtered cable through out

2. Converters - analog to digital & digital back to analog 

1 16 channel  Apogee AD - 16X
1 16 channel  Apogee DA - 16X

3. Computer 

Mac Pro Intel Dual Core 2.66ghrtz 16gig ram
30" Apple Cinema Display
ProTools 9 HDII 
many pluggins -  ua , waves , mel , alti , brainworx , & on & on

4. Speakers
Yamaha NS10'S
Yamaha YST215SW Sub Woofer
Yamaha P2500S Power Amp


1964 Hammond C3 Organ ( straight out of an old church from South Central Los Angeles ) 

1973 Mason & Hamlin upright Spinet piano 

Wurlitzer A200 electric piano ( late 60's )

Yamaha 88 weighted key controller


2 - EV RE15
2 - COLES 4038 (ribbon)
2 - AKG C 414 B - XLII 
1 - AKG C 414 B - ULS
1 - AKG D112
1 - SURE BETA 52
4 - SURE SM57'S
1 - SURE SM58
Listed below are a few of the many Artists that I have been so LUCKY to have worked with: Catergorized & in no particuliar order, multiple listings means multiple capacities. ie. Artist or Session Player. 

Male Artists / Vocalists

Jack Tempchin
Greg Leisz
Dave Alvin
Phil Alvin
John Doe
Carlos Guitarlos
Peter Case
Stan Ridgeway
Wayne Kramer
David Hildago
Don Heffington
Greg Copeland
Chris Gaffney
Steve Earl
Keith Harkin
Lee Ving
Victor Krummenacher
Grant Lee Philips
Johnny Rivers
John Gillies
Van Dyke Parks
Dweezil Zappa
Frank Zappa for Gail Zappa & the ZFT
David Lasley
Arnold McCuller
Mark London Sims
James Valentine
Joe Anselm
Ishto Juevez
Rich Ferguson
Crosby Tyler
Kyle DeAndrea
Dana Phelps
Vee Bordukov
Roland Vega
Bjarke Niemann
Tim Pera
Pat Ireland
Jimmy Swan
Jeffrey Brian
Eric Taylor
Zac Havoc
David Garza
James McMurtry
Jamison Hollister
Mark Bransfield
Lou Beach
Byron Blocker
Ellis Callahan
Rob Burke
Robbie Fulks
Shawn Albro
Greg Duli
Keith Morris
Chip Cobalt
Bro Bro Doug Anderson
Beau Killet
Mathew Cross
Harley Cross
Scott Weiland
Luca Ghielmetti
Phil Tallo
Doug Swander
Rich Sheldon
Timur Bekbosunov

Patrick Charles
Titus Fotso
Chris Nordlinger
Steve Noonan
Stanley Wycoff
Kyp Malone
Liam McLachlan - The Ten Tenors
Hunter Hayes
Bob Forrest


Multi String Utility Players

Greg Leisz
Herb Pedersen
Doug Livingston
Eric Heywood
Rick Shea
Jamison Hollister

Female Artists / Vocalists

Nellie Mckay
Rosemary Butler
Exene Cervenka
Naomi Louise Warne
Gena Mason
Gaby Moreno
Christy McWilson
Lydia Lunch
Mercedes Escobar
Aimee Mann
Gia Ciambotti
Beth Bergman
Syd Straw
Sara Oliver
Candye Kane
Sam Phillips
Rosie Flores
Amy Allison
Tish Hinojosa
Sara Watkins
Claudia Russell
Miranda Mulholland
Bonnie Piesse
Sandrine Fritz
Diane Birch
Tralain Hoffman
Dannielle DeAndrea
Erica Canales
Cindy Wasserman
Meerily Weeber
Christa Collins
Kari Cohen
Melisa Belgrade
Sarah Perets
Gypsy Racco
Quincy Coleman
Heather Waters
Lysa Flores
Vangie Gunn
Marci Curtis
Dana Meller
Liv Hansen
Marina V
Vanessa Pellon
Christine Leakey
Suzie Vinnick
Melanie Cruz
Dene Marie Jomei
Shy But Flyy
Nicole Lexi Davis
Lavonna Harris
Carol McArthur
Maiya Sykes
Blaire Reinhard


Engineers & Beyond

Geoff Emerick
Mark Linett
John Gillies
Dirk Dalton
Doug Sax
Bernie Grundman
Bob Katz
Bob Ludwig
Owen Morris
Gavin Lurssen
Steven Miller
Joe Gastwirt
Jim Scott
Clif Norrell
Gene Grimaldi
Jim Albert
James Book
Ray Kennedy
Dan Warner
John Nettlesby
Richard (Boz ) Bosworth
Rich Ayres
David Williams
Shannon Oneill
Mike Wolf
Johnny Sangster
Michael Patterson
Cameron Haulsey
Johannes Luley
Dalilah Faber Bianco
Ryan Freeland
Steve Holroyd
Joe Barresi
Tom Lord Alge
Billy Bush
Ross Hogarth


Drummers / Percussionists

Don Heffington
DJ Bonebrake
Dave Raven
Phil Jones
Clem Burke
Debra Dobkin
Terry Bozzio
Chad Wackerman
Lisa Pankratz
Danny Frankel
Gregory Slay
Fredo Ortiz
Dave Krusen
Jorge Martin
Blaire Sherrill
Tom Fillman
Jim Cristie
Butch Norton
Bill Bateman
Tommy Holt
Steve Mugalian
Bobby Loyd Hicks
Slim Jim Phantom 
Gerald Couchman
Frank Continola
Marc Slutsky
Sebastian Aymanns
Bill Campbell
Jeff Fish
Patrick Charles
Leonice Shinnerman
Matt Laug
Charlie Waymire
Christian Hogan
Ryan Brown
Paul Grundman
Trevor Erickson
Joe Travers ( FZ Vualtmeister capacity )


Guitar Players

Dave Alvin
Carlos Guitarlos
Dweezil Zappa
Cary Park
Mick Rossi
Steve Jones
Steve Dougherty
Curtis Bushey
Billy Duffy
James Stevenson
Danny Ott
Kevin Longden
Sean Watkins
Craig Norton
Terry ( The Count ) Mederios
Stuart Mathis
Mike Kneally
Mark Goldenberg
Chris Miller
Berton Averre
Bill Macpherson
Adam Levy
Tekeshi Akimoto
Tony Palkovic
Alex Machacek
Mike Miller
Rich Ayres
Alex Curtis
Danny Amis
Austin Clark
Richard Thompson
Royce Craft
Fidel ( Jet ) Soto
Duane Jarvis
Doug Pettibone

Jim Hudson
Ricky Z
Toshi Yanagi
Arthur Braitsch
Rob Bacon
Jack Kilmer
Ron Franklin
Doug Moon


Horns , Harmonica , Theremin , Washboard ,Didgeridoo Players

Charles Neville
Jerry Peterson
Joe Sublett
George Pandis
Michael Fortunato
Christian Scott
Danielle Ondarza
Scheila Gonzales
Willie Winslow
Willie Murillo
Mark Visher
ilya Sergienko
Ben Thomas
Bobby English
Johnny Britt
Andrea Delano
Veigar Margeirsson
Vince Meghrouni
Jack Rudy
Elizabeth Lea
Jordan Katz
Benjamin Ghebrelul
Daphne Chen
Evan Perman

Bass Players

Bob Glaub
Herb Mickman
Rob Wasserman
David Jackson
Glen Matlock
Duff McKagen
Scott Thunes
Rick ( The Bass Player ) Rosas
Brad Fordham
Reggie McBride
Mark London Sims
Alex Al
Marc Doten
Kaveh Rastegar
Norm Sancho
Davey Faragher
Tim Emmons
Mathew Cross
Mike Hightower
Mark ( Pocket ) Goldberg
Bunny Brunel
Jennifer Condos
David Piltch
Sebastian Steinberg
Tim Emmons
Paul Eckman
Leslie Lowe
Wes Wehmiller
Ric Fierabracci
Rufus Philpot
Gregory Boaz
Brett Simons
Johnny Flaugher
Kurt Morgan
Tom Kinne
Johnny Bazz
Sheldon Gomberg
Ben Shirley
Marcus Giamatti
Mark Meadows
Cedric Lemoyne
Jorgen Carlsson
Cris Kirkwood
Mike Watt

Piano , Organ , Keyboard Players

Spooner Oldham
Deacon Jones
Brian Auger
Gene Taylor
David Witham
Skip Edwards
Patrick Warren
Brett Tuggle
Jeff Young
Adam MacDougal
Rob Muerer
Zac Rae
Carl Byron
Phil Parlapiano
Eric Gabriel
Chris Norton
Jebin Bruni
John Barnard
Joe Terry
Wyman Reese
Rami Jaffee


String Players

David Wilson
Novi Novog
Charlie Bisharat
Gabe Witcher
Sara Watkins
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Amy Farris
Miranda Mulholland
Jessy Greene
Carla Kihlstedt
Craig Eastman
Ginger Murphy
Stefanie Fife
John Walz
Eric Hosler
Austin Trujillo
Sarah Thornblade
Joel Pargman
Alma Fernandez
George Kim Scholes
Scott Worthington


Actors , Directors

Val Kilmer
Tony Kaye
Christopher Guest
Gabriel Byrne
Mick Rossi
Roy Dotrice
Eugene Levy
Catherine O'hara
Andy Kindler
Jack Black
Kyle Gass
Brett Morgen
Robert Miano
Fred Armisten
Carl King
Bonnie Piesse
Joe Murray
Denny Tedesco
Jessica Franz
Gregg Turnkington ( Neil Hamburger )
Marcus Giamatti
Brigitte Nielson
Michael Steinberg
Josh Fox
Bill Cody
Stuart Swezey
Riz Story
Hart Fisher
Kimberly Whalen
Jeffrey Segal
Terrence Atkins
Dana Meller
Mark Boone
Donal Logue
Jack Kilmer
Lew Temple
Jacob Pitts



The Knitters
The Cedars
The Calvanes
The Songbirds
The Generators
The Glorious
The Jesus Twins
The Original Sinners
The Frankfurt Schoolgirls
The Downtown Kicks
The Rebel Soul Band
The Killer West
The Swill Merchants
The Hills
The Pocket Punks
The Haden Triplets
Jackshit w/ Dave Alvin
Groovy Rednecks
Dead Rock West
Slaughter and the Dogs
Camper Van Beethoven 
Tenacious D
Nineteen Thirteen
Zappa Plays Zappa
Fight Dirty
Miller & Sasser
Hot Club De Bop
Los Sindicate
Day Above Ground
Rocket Science
Rain Machine
Lipstick Red
Hollywood Rose
Miserable End
Los Einstein
Sultans of Pain
Citizen of the Empire
Black Lips ( Cole & Jared )


If we worked together and you don't see your name listed my apologies , it's not personal. Please let me know because the listings are just a fraction and the memory is , well you know. 

just click HERE & let me know - I would love to add you to the rightful list. Many thanks!


Gary Leonard
Neil Zlowzower
M Ramirez-Adams
Jonnathon Exley
Beth Herzhaft
Jessica Franz
Joe Murray
Zac Cornwell
Jay Matsueda
Jeff Fasano
Frank Lee Drennen
Jimmy Steinfeldt


Jack Oliver - Executive Producer
Ian Brennan - Producer , Author
Josh Abrahmson - Producer
John Chelew - Producer
Norm Sancho - Producer
Stephen Fearing - Producer
Peter Case - Producer
Mick Rossi - Producer
Dan Warner - Producer
Dann Huff - Producer
Benedikt Brydern - Producer / Violinist
Bradshaw Lambert - GBL Media Management
Dr. Jason Health - LACC Music Department
Dr. David Arbury - LACC Music Department
Les Brown - Author , motivational speaker
Frank Sontag - Author , Radio Host & way beyond
Leanna Summers - Voice Direction
David Coury - Voice Direction
Andy Kindler - Comedian
Neil Hamburger - Comedian
Gokor Chivichyan - sports
Terry Clayborn - sports
World Cafe - ( NPR ) National Public Radio
Down the Highway - Ian Harrower - Antony Berrios
Chris Douritas - KCRW radio
Jesse Scott - XM Satelite radio
Savoy Records
TKO Records
Nitro Records
Yep Rock Records
Vangaurd Records
Atlantic Records
Concord Music Group
Cleopatra Records
Ralph Nader - consumer advocate , author , presidential candidate
Danny Bland - author
Libbe Halevy - Host , Nuclear Hot Seat , author
The Cris Kirkwood Podcast
Ellis Sorkin , Tiffany Sant'Anselmo - Studio Referral Service

I'd like to add just a touch of perspective. If we've worked together you know arrogance is not something I exude. For those that I have not worked with yet, I would like you to know that I have never advertised this business. Most everybody listed from the above lists were indeed word of mouth referrals with a small but very helpful percentage from Ellis & Tiffany from over at the Studio Referral Service. ( Thanks guys! ) I would also like you to understand that a large portion of the lists above are indeed repeat clients for which I am most grateful for. Here's a couple examples & a few notable credits : outside of recording Jack Tempchin's album " Songs " ( writer of Peaceful Easy Feeling , Already Gone , Slow Dancing , You Belong To The City , Smugglers Blues & many others ) & another record for his side band " Rocket Science " , we've recorded well over 300 titles together. ( talk about an education! ) Or the Grammy award winning Dave Alvin , I've recorded 9 full length records with Dave thus far & recorded , mixed & Co Produced his latest Grammy nominated ( Blues ) & Blues Music Awards nominated release" Common Ground " with his big brother Phil. " Common Ground " debuted at #1 on Billboard Blues Top 100 & remained in the top 5 for 8 weeks. I've recorded upwards of an additional 20 singles with Dave either for himself or him guesting on other Artist's records as well as 26 1 hour radio shows together for the XM Satelite Radio Network. I also recorded , mixed & co produced Dave & Phil's 2015 follow up to " Common Ground " with their latest release " Lost Time " which made it to # 2 on Billboard Blues & #1 on the AMA Americana Charts. To date I've contributed & been a part of 5 Grammy nominations with 1 win ( Gaby Moreno - Best New Artist 2013 Latin Grammys ) as well as recording Gaby's lead vocal on the 2012 #1 single (duet) & Latin Grammy nominated / Song of the Year / Album of the Year " Fuiste tu " by Ricardo Arjona. The other nomination was for Peter Case's 2007 release " Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John ".

I am most grateful for all of my opportunities & I look forward to perhaps experiencing some with you.

Consider Winslow Ct Studio.

Thank you!

Craig Parker Adams



 323-462-1446 = studio voicemail = leave your questions = your call WILL be returned
I proudly endorse & use iZotope's incredibly amazing software!

I proudly endorse & use iZotope's incredibly amazing software!