Craig Parker Adams was born December 3rd 1968 in Minneapolis Minnesota to a teenage mother & unknown father. Immediately , Craig was placed in foster care & put up for adoption... Luckily soon after Craig scored the best parents in the world as well as an older brother & sister.

Craig is a natural born musician who grew up playing hockey sticks & tennis rackets in an extremely rich musically diverse environment. For starters , his parents were both singers , his father in a Barbershop Quartet & his mother in the Sweet Adelines Chorus. The parent's listening musical tastes ranged from the big bands of the 30's and early 40's to the swinging latin Orchestras of the 50's and 60's all they way to the likes of Nana Mouskouri , Roger Miller and Johnny Cash. According to his mother, Craig began asking for a guitar from around the age of 2 or 3. It ended up that the first REAL guitar showed up when Craig was around 5 when his parents bought a nylon string guitar for his older brother.

Being that Craig was the youngest , he had to share a room with his brother who is 7 years older than him. What that meant for Craig was basically having no control over what music was played in the room. That translated to a 5 year old being weaned on the likes of Frank Zappa , Uriah Heep , Black Sabbath & a ton of other heavy duty rock and rollers. Craig's sister who was 5 years older was another completely different musical influence. She offered up a range of great song writers of popular music like the Bee Gees , Barry Manilow ,Billy Joel and Elton John as well as a slew of lite rock bands like Journey & REO Speedwagon… All that being said , Craig's very own influences that cultivated from that time have remained strong and true as well ever since.

" they were basically the Balladeers of the day like John Denver , Gordon Lightfoot and Glenn Campbell ".

From those beginnings Craig became absolutely immersed and obsessed with playing the guitar.

" I used to get ordered OUT of my room to have to come spend time with the family , that's how much I was playing ".

Teaching other kids & playing in a local band through Middle and High School Craig with 5 days notice left Mn. with $88 & 3 guitars & caught a ride out to Los Angeles with his friend Tim on his way to boot camp in San Diego. After spending years of playing with different people in Los Angeles Craig's interest shifted in to the art of recording and thus started down the road of becoming a self taught Producer - Engineer.

" simply put , I was never ultimately
pleased with the end result of the recordings that I was involved in 
" .

In 1997 Craig was lucky enough to take over an historic recording space in Hollywood which would become Winslow Ct. Studio.

" originally I never thought about recording other people, I got the place for me and my music ".

The studio's history is said to be one of the oldest film audio recording studios in the world dating back to the early 1920's. Sometime in the 50's and 60's it belonged to George Liberace and his company Spectra-Sound & then it was sold to the great Bruce Scott ( co inventor of time code ) who then formed his production company Scott Sound.

" basically the commercial side of the studio started because of a record I recorded. A few of my music friends were like " that sound's great , would you record me?"  And so it began " .

Over the last 18 plus years Craig has become a word of mouth go-to-guy for many diverse artists as well as having a respected studio among many accredited top tier session players.

" Winslow Ct. Studio Inc. is not only my Life's work thus far but has also been my education. I've been a sponge the entire time & have been extremely blessed in a very unique way.  Everything I have learned has been first hand side by side up close & personal directly from a wide variety of extremely talented artists in the most delicate, intense , sensitive , emotionally powerful enriching moments. What a gift."

Being a part of & contributing to 7 Grammy nominated projects thus far with 2 wins & recorded , mixed & co produced a #1 & a #2 record on the Billboard top 100 " Blues " & recorded the vocal on a #1 single on Billboard's top 100 " Latin " chart. Working with accomplished artists from all over the world as well as a multitude of industry greats of varying styles ranging all the way from Opera to Punk , Writers & Artists , Producers , Directors , Photographers , Editors & Engineers, Thinkers , Healers , Politicians , Actors , Models , Athletes & even Motivational Speakers has brought so much knowledge to Craig's skills, production & all around artistic insights.

for a detailed list check out the artist section on the Winslow Ct page