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I opened the door (for others) to Winslow Ct. Studio waaaaaaaaay back over 20 years ago.  It was a decision that initiated the journey of becoming a self taught producer/audio engineer and business owner... New business owner no less in the most heavily saturated recording studio market on Earth... Central Hollywood California.

Being located in a 100 year old acoustically designed historic studio (with parking) sure didn't hurt and the path came with many unexpected blessings (some haunted) but undoubtedly it's been the many talented artists, 100's of albums and 1000's of sessions that made it all oh so enriching. 

Some industry highlights worth mentioning would be a personal nomination for a Latin GRAMMY and also contributed to 7  GRAMMY nominated projects (thus far) with 2 wins. I recorded, mixed & co produced a #1 & #2 record on the Billboard top 100 " Blues " chart & recorded the lead vocal on a #1 single on Billboard's top 100 " Latin " chart.

Working with accomplished artists from all over the world as well as a multitude of industry greats of varying styles is without a doubt what I am most grateful for.

I thank every single person that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Every one!


Thank you!



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